About Us

Kizashi Cloud is a fully secure global service provider that makes your life a little bit easier. With Kizashi Cloud you don’t have to think twice about where your files are, they’re always with you.

The service combines cloud storage with synchronization of data, allowing you to sync your mobile camera roll with for example your tablet or TV, to sync files across computers and mobile devices, and to share and receive files with friends and colleagues. Kizashi Cloud is planning big moves to be the #1 Cloud/Sync Storage service provider in the U.S. as well as every country in the world. We offer a fully secure and rich experience across all types of clients.

Security, privacy and convenience of our customers data is a top priority for us. Kizashi Cloud in contrast to most cloud storage companies, run and operate our own data centers and hardware — which are located in 5 major cities throughout the world on 3 continents.

Kizashi Cloud is owned and operated by DLNCO LLC, a company based in Milwaukee, USA.


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